Monday, December 28, 2015

Whose Faithfulness?

We often like to chuckle at the story of Zechariah, the father of John the Baptizer.  The angel Gabriel appears to him, and he has a hard time believing what God will do through him and his wife Elizabeth. So as a friend of mine pointed out, God didn't
choose someone else, he went ahead with Zechariah because it was God's faithfulness and power, not any man's, that would make this happen. So although we like to point out the differences between Zechariah and Mary (who humbly agreed and went ahead), an important principle carries the stories of both: God is in charge and is making things happen. Our job is to show up  and let him do what he wants (we call that surrender, or yielding and those are important because then we get to participate from the inside) but it's still up to him to "do the doing."

Where have you seen the Lord work in your life that shows his faithfulness, in spite of  your lack of vision or cooperation? Is there something in your life now, that God is doing in spite of you? It's worth stopping to ask him about that (that's a form of prayer by the way) and let him clarify it for you.

Either way, past or present, it's worth stopping to thank the Lord for his faithfulness.

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